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a look at his -- well, first class accommodations. >>> new at 5:00 oakland police are looking for whoever shot an 8 yearly girl. it happened about 2:30 this afternoon on 65th avenue in east oakland. she was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> a blatant show of law breaking bravado stopped traffic in the middle of a busy bay area freeway in the middle of the day. cbs 5 reporter john ramos tells us it was enough to shock even the chp, who is now checking the license plate numbers of the cars in that video. >>> reporter: midday traffic on 880 near the oakland coliseum moves along quickly. but sunday at around 4 p.m., it came to a complete halt because of this. [ screeching tires ] >> reporter: this video posted on youtube shows the complete northbound lanes blocked while cars spin doughnuts in the middle of the freeway. the chp says at least five or six cars were involved coming dangerously close to each other and people on the shoulder. if it was somebody's idea of fun, the chp clearly isn't laughing. >> people know
: exactly how oakland with do that remains to be seen. as far as a state of emergency or national guard it wasn't practical because it won't last. states of emergency only last for a certain period of time. second of all, politically, it would have been a black eye for the city of oakland and one they are not ready to take. in oakland, phil matier, cbs 5. >> coming up at 6:00 the man tap to turn the oakland police department around has his ideas on how to curb the violence. why his plan may be met with stiff opposition, at 6:00. >>> in larkspur a 150-foot tree fell down hitting utility lines and smashing into a house across the street. it happened at around 11:30 this morning on the 300 block of baltimore avenue in the madrone canyon area. the huge redwood caused significant damage to the second story of the house. one person in the house was not injured. the tree also took down utility lines and about 70 customers lost power. officials believe roof decay had weakened the tree. >> overnight freezing temperatures made for a slick commute in the east ba
"sports illustrated" curse? of leaving the water on... could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building. cbs 5 reporter d >>> a simple mistake of leaving the water on could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building! cbs 5 reporter da lin says it's so bad the building may have to be demolished. >> the sink in the custodian closet was running overnight for ten hours until it was discovered. >> it's a mistake. >> reporter: the mistake shut down oakland unified school district's main building for the remainder of the school- year. this century-old building might be demolished and a custodian was fired. >> if that were my house, my house would be very upset if i forgot to turn off the water and flooded it. >> reporter: the substitute custodian forgot to turn off the water. 1500 gallons damaged all four floors. >> there are some weak points in the floors and ceilings. the insulation had to be ripped out. a lot of places there's asbestos. >> reporter: instead of having all the department's located at one place, they are
. >>> oakland police have arrested five men in the shooting of an oakland police officer. the shooting happened about 6:00 yesterday evening in the 1700 clock of seminary avenue. an undercover officer was on a stake-out. police say a group of armed and dangerous men approached the officer and shot him in the arm. he was unable to return fire. the shooting prompted a manhunt by a s.w.a.t. team, officers from other agencies and the c.h.p. the search uncovered several weapons and resulted in those arrests. two of the suspects are known gang members. >> i think any time we have subjects who are willing to confront the police and pull a trigger on an officer, i think we have to take that very seriously. >> police aren't releasing the names of the men arrested. they say they are following up on search warrants and looking for additional suspects. >>> but it is decision day in oakland. in about an hour, the city council is going to vote on whether to fire former l.a. and new york police chief william bratton as a consultant. cbs 5 reporter joe vasque
links for fans from oakland and the east bay suburbs and hot dog vendor howard gibbons says he doesn't feel too bad for some fans that will now have to commute. >> yeah. but what did we do when they are stuck in san francisco? we did the hassle of going through there, going through south city and everything. so, you know, now it's their turn to come here and watch us enjoy our 49ers. >> reporter: as for that vta station outside the stadium, it only handles fewer than 100 passengers a day right now on a typical sunday. planners expect it to be about 9,000 a day on game day. they are also working to expand the station and tracks in the area. live in santa clara, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. [ inaudible ] a flag, another flag. >> the bling around his neck, decorations around the room. how this young 49ers fan has turned his hospital room into the ultimate fan cave. >>> the big easy on the big screen. who is benefitting from the movie business in new orleans? and what the city's doing to become hollywood south. >>> obesity "mythbusters." can you burn 300 c
in oakland right now as the police department is shorthanded and are trying to get officers out as quickly as they can. live in oakland, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >>> new details on the home invasion murder of a bay area millionaire. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that it could be connected to a notorious east oakland gang. the paper says that recover very kumra was killed -- ravi kumra was killed not long after a prostitute revealed details about his mansion to members of "the money team" one of the gangs oakland police blame for a recent spike in violent crime. at least two of the three accused killers are believed to have ties to that gang. >>> we also learned today a san jose mother's frightening story of a kidnapping attempt was made up. police sprang into action tuesday after a man reported a man tried to grab her 2-year- old daughter out of her arms. police canvassed her neighborhood even released a sketch of a suspect. today the mother came clean and admitted she made it up. police are not saying why she did that. but she could
. the popular program that's being expanded in san francisco. >>> a beautiful sunset from our oakland airport cam. take a peek out. some of you in the 60s. we'll talk about the harsh reality of winter. >>> is there a check in your future? we'll tell you who's eligible coming up on consumer watch. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] date for oral arguments on elementary school returned from winter break today, the doors locked tightly behin >>> when students at one bay area elementary school return from break, the door locks tightly behind him. we have the new security rule and what parents think about it. >> it's a beginning. we'll see where we get from here. >> winter break is over. kids have returned to school in the marine county area. with the sandy hook massacre in mind, the security has new practi
. >>> checking bay area headlines, workers at the oakland school district headquarters arrived at work to find their building flooded. someone apparently left the water running in a custodian closet all night. the water damaged every floor of that building on second avenue near lake merritt. damage significant enough, the staff will have to move to another building during repairs. >>> a close call at a landmark shopping center in palo alto. the car you see there drove into one of the stores at town & country village on el camino real. it happened just after 2 p.m. luckily nobody was hurt. police still investigating what happened though. >>> and a moraga teen is a step closer to become an eagle scout. ryan andresen's application was rejected last fall because he is gay. that led to an online petition that was signed by half a million people and that led to a hearing before an official eagle board of review. this week the borden doored ryan's application and sent it on for national approval. >>> well, if you think it's been chilly this winter, just w
as they continue repair work on that fender. in oakland, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> flu season in full swing on the west coast. the new recommendations for patients even if they have already had the flu shot. >> and the 9ers post workout routine. it's a key to keeping players healthy. >> drink it. >> dr. kim goes inside the 49ers locker room to find out the secret ingredient to the 9ers workout recovery. >> we recovered about 10 degrees weather-wise today nothing on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. some of you hit the 60s. let's take a live peek outside. gorgeous shot, the moon, the bridge, the bay. how about the change in our forecast this weekend? that's coming up. >> i just want to say good luck, 49ers, and try to win the -- [ pause ] >> what? >> win the "har-bowl"! >> win the hard bomber. [ laughter ] swing on the west coast. and, while things are leveling off i >>> the flu outbreak is in full swing on the west coast right here in our station as well and while things are leveling off in most places, cbs reporter randall pinkston shows us that several states ar
and s&p 500 also ended higher. >>> new details tonight in the murder of a teenaged girl in oakland over the weekend. she has been identified by oakland police as 15-year-old jubrill jordan. she was killed and a 14-year- old boy wounded near 66 and lion yesterday as they walked to a nearby bart station. witnesses say the shooter was also a teenager possibly as young as 13. >> my grand kid come to my house every, single day, kid they like to go to places, to friends' house, they take off though their little friends house and these fools out here killing each other. it's not right. >> the shooting brings oakland's homicide total to 131 for the year a 27% increase from last year. >>> remember all that christmas shopping that you did? good timing. as cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us, what you bought last week will cost more starting tomorrow. >>> reporter: the city of el cerrito where city hall closes for a week at christmastime and where u.p.s. notices gather has the dubious distinction of having the highest sales tax in california. >> even if it's one penny it's 5% so it's going to ad
in oakland tonight where an all-out manhunt is under way for a jail escapee. police have been searching yards in neighborhoods near highland hospital all day long. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us the suspect shed his jail clothes. >>> reporter: deputies ran from house to house with their guns drawn near highland hospital searching for a violent jail escapee. alameda county sheriff's deputies, oakland police, bart police and state parole agents locked down a 10-block area to search for this man, 31-year- old anthony hoskins. deputies say the landscaping made the search difficult. >> you have yards that are not symmetrical. there's a lot of overgrowth. >> reporter: sources say he was facing a long prison term for a number of robberies and kidnappings. my sources believe he might have faked his medical condition so he could leave santa rita jail where he had been locked up since july. investigators are trying to figure out how he freed himself from his waist and leg shackles in the car on the way to highland. >> absolutely they're locked. so we are trying
with the group called geezers against gangs, one of many here in oakland who support "stop & frisk" but this group right here, we are expecting some loud noise perhaps raising a ruckus inside the city council hearing at 5:30. we'll have the latest at 6:00. joe vazquez, cbs 5. >>> the man who is taking over the san jose police department on an interim basis says he does not want the job for good. acting chief larry esquivel says he can speak for rank-and- file officers after 27 years on the force. >> i want to be their voice and be honest and sincere which i have been i think and that's important to them. >> he will focus on retaining officers and work to improve morale among rank-and-file officers. he is replacing chief chris moore, who is retiring this week. esquivel expects to be in command for several months while city leaders select a new chief. >>> at 6:00 tonight, we'll tell you why some say the acting chief is walking into a no-win situation. >>> northern california police officer has been killed in the line of duty. it happened late this
jose, 59. 60s in oakland, 66 today. san jose also hit the mid-60s. as expected with all that sunshine, nothing on the radar. tonight for the first time in about a week, week and a half, i think everybody stays above freezing. that's you in fairfield, 34. santa rosa, 34. 42 for oakland. san francisco down to 44. redwood city, 41 degrees. we are still trending milder. two things i want to point out here. one, that deflect tore shield, big bubble of high pressure is still here. one of these systems will get here toward the middle of next week. we can see the end of this pattern. it's not going to happen this weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, all about that big bubble of high pressure moving over top of northern california. you stay sunny, dry, mild, all the way through tuesday when you head back to work and kids go back to school. changes coming toward the middle of next week. it's going to be a subtle change. not going to get pouring rainfall. slight chance of rain next friday. the bigger change will be an increase in clouds, as th
in oakland last week, faces six felony charges in connection with the murder of south bay businessman ravi kumra, amir allem is a deputy district attorney. >> count 1 is murder. they are also charged with robbery, home invasion robbery you would refer. >> reporter: allem says he cannot discuss the fact of the case because the charging documents remain under' court seal. >> we file it under seal because it's pending investigation and that would negatively affect potentially the investigation and we don't want that to happen. >> reporter: kumra was found dead in this mansion in the early-morning hours of november 30th after his wife called 911 reporting several people had broken into the home. so far, four people have been arrested. 22-year-old raven dixon from alameda was the first to appear in court facing charges of accessory to murder with a gang enhancement. javier garcia appeared in court today. 26-year-old lucas anderson was arraigned last week. and 21-year-old d'angelo austin was arrested in sacramento and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. javier garcia's family left the courthou
. live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> oakland police got more than they bargained for on new year's eve when they sent a team out to track down celebratory gunfire. the department's shotspotter technology led them to a home on 84th avenue just seconds after a gun battle erupted outside. it was so accurate, it led officers straight to the shell casings. >> so without this, some great luck and nighttime, i'm not sure if officers would have been able to find the shell casings there. we would not have found that physical evidence. >> two suspects were arrested a short time later after ramming a pursuing police cruiser. officers also recovered a 100- round assault rifle. the men had tossed it out of their car. the other shooter got away. >>> tonight police are looking for five men who stormed into a san francisco home, they dragged eight people out of bed holding them at gunpoint at the living room at the outer richmond district house overnight. police say the men stole cash, electronics and luggage. it's unclear why that house was targeted. no one was hurt. >>> a key player in the gia
a look out towards sutro tower in oakland. mostly clear tonight and currently, we have temperatures already dropping into the low 50s. we'll talk about the alert you need to know about for tomorrow coming up later on in this broadcast. >>> fireworks launched in broad daylight. why a new year's eve tragedy pushed the pyrotechnics into the sunshine. >>> not too much people say they get to deliver their grandkids. >> a pair of midnight baby deliveries, both planning to be the bay area's first of 2013 for one grandmother, the birth was a real hands on experience. as we'll see next. thousands crowded along the embarcadero >>> isn't that gorgeous? no fog to spoil the fireworks in san francisco this year. thousands crowded along the embarcadero to watch the display over the bay at midnight. but trouble broke out in the city before the show even began. one person was shot in the hand near jefferson and mason at fisherman's wharf around 10:30. witnesses say the gunman ran up beech street toward alioto's restaurant but he couldn't be found. then an hour later another shooting on the waterfron
of a piece of california history stolen from the oakland museum of california. officials say a california gold rush era quartz and gold box was taken from a plexiglass display box early monday morning. the thief bypassed the alarm system. the gold box has ornamentation depicting early california. it's not the first time the museum has been robbed. in november, a burglar stole some gold nuggets. >> we did take additional security measures after the theft in november. we believe some of the measures we took will aid at this time and we are enhancing security measures right now. >> the museum offers a $12,000 reward for the safe return of that gold box. it is going to cost two to three million dollars to fix the damage caused by an oil tanker that hit the bay bridge. the overseas reymar was headed out to sea monday when it sideswiped a protective bumper around the base of one of of the bridge's towers. there is money in a reserve fund to pay for the repairs. but the plan is to make that tanker's owner reimburse the funds. >>> investigators are trying to
where it is still raining. livermore showers 51. san jose 53. oakland and santa rosa currently 59 degrees. with the cloud cover sticking around, it will be a mild night. fremont will drop down to 47. san rafael 46. concord tonight 46 degrees. so what happened? there's an area of low pressure to our south that all computer forecast models said would continue moving south. one thing happened though. it didn't move. so all this moisture continues to move up from the south. and then hit a wall that wall being a weak front just to our north and where those two collide we have rain and many of you had the rain for the past six or eight hours. that low pressure area likely isn't going to move much so we still have a chance of showers around on friday. another round of showers coming up on sunday. next week we will dry out. but high pressure will be off to our west. so we'll get a northerly flow. so we'll be sunny but we also will be chilly. showers persisting this evening mainly to the south and east a couple of showers possible on friday also sunday.
the sunshine. but with the north flow yesterday, keeping us chilly. we are in the 50s right now. oakland 59. san jose 54. livermore 56. clear radar. nice and clear on the radar for the next five to seven days. tonight with clear skies, that's going to be pretty chilly again. concord 38, fremont 39, san rafael, mountain view and san jose all down to 40 degrees. so we have some changes coming. high pressure as i was telling you over the past 24 hours is working its way closer to us. today we still have that northerly flow keeping most of us in the 50s. but beginning tomorrow, high pressure is a little closer, north wind is gone, northeast wind is here and it will be several degrees milder coming up on wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, it's all about this guy right here, high pressure sinking to our south giving us a northwest flow of air keeping us in the 60s. we are going to stay dry through super bowl sunday likely a couple of days into next week. so plenty of sunshine through saturday. highs will be a couple of degrees above average and we'll sta
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)